Independent NFT

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About Me

Growing up, drawing was a passion. All we had were paper, pencils and some crayons. Being born in the '80s, the basics were all we had to work with. As time passed, we got to live through evolution, technology, and the world as a whole. We adapted, we created, and we reached an era that we had never imagined we would get to. Selling digitally created independent NFT. This is where we are right now and this is the future. As humans, we will continue to adapt.



For creating your own custom made digital independent NFT art, follow the 3 simple steps below

Step 1

Select a high-quality image of yourself


Step 2

Select a high-quality background you want for yourself


Step 3

Select the final image size and file type you require

After doing these steps, please send all the images and requirements by email

Delivery time will be 3-5 days
BOOM!! You got yourself an independent NFT